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Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vendor Permits

Please note this page provides information on the permits issued by Council with regards to Mobile Food Vendors operating in the District.  For either public roads or community land.

Obtaining a Permit

Complete this form and submit to or mail to PO Box 9, Yankalilla, SA 5203.

Where can Mobile Food Vendors Operate?

Mobile Food Vendors can apply to operate on a public road as long as its operation does not unduly interfere with:

  • other vehicles (being driven or parking/standing on the roads)
  • parking areas for people with disabilities
  • bus, taxi or bike zones or lanes, and
  • road related infrastructure and infrastructure designed to give access to roads, footpaths and buildings

Mobile Food Vendors can apply to operate on Community Land and are to specify their permit requested under the Short-Term Use of Community Land Policy.


The District Council of Yankalilla has many areas which may be a popular option for Mobile Food Vendors, however are NOT PUBLIC ROADS and Mobile Food Vans are NOT permitted to operate there.

Mobile Food Vendors wishing to operate on Community Land are to obtain a Short-Term Use of Community Land permit from our Compliance Team.  The above application form will confirm permit fees.

To assist, the following popular areas are COMMUNITY or PRIVATE LAND:

  • Normanville Foreshore (Community Land)
  • South Car Park, Carrickalinga (Community Land)
  • North Bay Car Park, Carrickalinga (Community Land)
  • Rapid Bay Jetty Car Park (Community Land)
  • Cape Jervis Lookout (Private Land)
  • Cape Jervis - all parking and road areas around foreshore (Private Land)
  • Rapid Bay Camp Ground (Private Land)
  • Second Valley Foreshore Car Park (Community)
  • HMAS Hobart Lookout (Private Land)

Council is unable to issue a permit for business operations on private land (ie: HMAS Hobart Lookout, Cape Jervis Lookout)

Location Rules

Mobile Food Vans are NOT to operate WITHIN 500 METRES of a fixed, bricks and mortar food business whilst that business is open and operating.

What Requirements Must a Mobile Food Vendor comply with?

All Mobile Food Vendors must comply with the requirements under:

  • the Food Act 2001
  • the South Australian Public Health Act 2011
  • the Environmental Protection Act 1993
  • the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016
  • The Motor Vehicles Act 1959 and Road Traffic Act 1961
  • any law relating to gas or electrical installations/appliances, and
  • any other relevant law or provision relating to health, safety or the environment

Maps of District

Our location rules, along with the areas of community land and privately owned land in the area, clearly inform where the Mobile Food Vendors are not permitted to operate.

These maps are intended to advise of the land UNAVAILABLE to mobile food vendors as the land is either community or private land.

Contact Us

Any queries should be directed to The Compliance Team by email ( or by phone on 8558 0200


The Compliance Team will expiate any non-compliant Mobile Food Vans and Mobile Food Vans found to be, or to have been, operating:

  • within 500 metres of an open bricks and mortar food business
  • on Community land without a permit
  • on Private Land (non-compliant with land use)
  • are non-compliant to the permit conditions
  • are non-compliant with legislative conditions

If you are in doubt of whether the location you are using is covered under the permit you have - CHECK WITH OUR COMPLIANCE TEAM (if they are unavailable - move elsewhere until information obtained)