Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach Program has been developed to form strong and authentic connections between Council and the communities across the district. We will be getting to know, understand and work with our communities, and do things with the community, rather than to them.

Council's goal is to be an organisation that:

  • Is an enabler and supporter of community action and leadership;
  • Builds on existing strengths, skills and assets within communities;
  • Genuinely and proactively listens to and responds to the needs of our communities;
  • Works together with community leaders and influencers to achieve our vision.

Our objectives are to:

  • Gain knowledge, insight and understanding of our community needs and aspirations;
  • Build strong connections across the district between Council and community, between community leaders, and between community and other key stakeholders;
  • Enable and empower communities to identify their own visions, needs and aspirations that are supported by Council.

The program will involve a proactive, flexible, adaptable and fluid approach to working with communities based on their individual needs, skills, interests and even personalities within that community.

The program will be Community-Led. We will be working with influencers and community leaders. We will be connecting people, connecting projects and empowering local people.


Julianne Rilstone
Council's Outreach Program Officer
Phone: 8558 0262


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