War on Waste

Food Waste InfographicCouncil endorsed the fortnightly collection of domestic general waste, recyclables and green organics for implementation on 1 July 2018.

To check to see if you are lcoated where the green organics bin service will be available, click here for a list of Township maps.

War on Waste Booklet(594 kb)


The Yankalilla Kerbside Waste Collection Policy allows additional bins under the Exceptional Circumstances Clause 5.4.1

Under exceptional circumstances large families, households that produce nappies and households with special medical needs that meet certain criteria will be exempted from payment for one or more additional general waste collection services and 140L mobile garbage bin.

  • Alarge family is defined as a permanent residential dwelling in which 5 or more persons live for at least 5 nights per week on average.  This definition excludes holiday homes which may contain large numbers of residents for a small portion of the year.

Entitlement: A large family will be entitled to one (1) additional 140l general waste bin exempted from payment.

  • Households that produce nappies are residential households in which one or more permanent residents wear nappies.  This includes babies and young children as well as persons of any age with continence issues.

This definition does not include households where children in nappies visit, family day care facilities or childcare centres (which, as commercial operations, should make their own arrangements for waste collection).

Entitlement: Households with 1-2 residents using nappies will be entitled to one (1) additional 140l general waste bin exempted from payment.

  • Households with special medical needs are permanent private households that produce medical waste.  These households will be self-identified through a questionnaire on the Application Form.

This definition does not include premises generating medical waste from a commercial operation such as home massage clinic, or chiropractor clinics).

Entitlement: Households with special medical needs will be entitled to one (1) additional 140l general waste bin exempted from payment.

Households will not be provided with more than one  1) additional 140l general waste bin except under extraordinary circumstances as approved individually by FRWA’s Executive Officer following a household waste audit.  The provision of additional 240l general waste bins or swapping a 140l general waste bin for a 240l general waste bin is not allowed under the policy.

Households that have exceptional circumstances will need to apply to the District Council of Yankalilla each financial year by completing an Application Form.  No payment will be required, but households will be required to complete a new form (renewal) each year confirming their continued eligibility.  Stickers will be issued which the household must apply to their additional bin(s) – bins without correct year stickers will not be collected.

Additional bins granted for exceptional circumstances will be fully subsidised by Councils/FRWA – i.e. bins provided to residents at no cost. 

To receive this subsidy residents will be required to provide proof of identity as set down in item 8.0 of this Policy each time they re-apply for exemption.

Holiday home owners who have high use of properties beyond the peak summer season will be encouraged to subscribe to either the annual additional bin service or to engage a commercial waste contractor.