Exercising Dogs on District Beaches and Reserves

Our controls balance the needs of all our beach and reserve users by providing areas where families can relax and play without being pestered by dogs whilst also providing areas where dog owners can exercise their dog’s off-leash.

To maximise your experience in our reserves and on our beaches, ensure you are aware of the controls within the area you are visiting as our controls may vary depending on the time of year and the time of day.

As our beaches and reserves are busier in the warmer months, controls may change during December to February and on the Easter long weekend.  These controls are typically implemented between 10am and 6pm unless within an area required at all times (ie: family friendly or ‘wetland’ areas).

We encourage responsible dog ownership within our District and Council requests registration discs are worn to assist with identification and that dog faeces is immediately picked up and disposed of appropriately.

What does “under effective control” mean?

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors, owners are required to have their dog under effective control at all times.  A dog is considered to be under effective control (on or off-leash when):

  • Your dog is within 50 meters of you and can be seen at all times
  • Your dog is in close proximity to you
  • Your dog will return to your side by responding to your voice command, whistle or hand signal immediately
  • You are able to control your dog in any circumstance
  • Your dog does not chase, harass or cause a nuisance to any person, animal or bird

Extra criterion regarding effective control whilst walking your dog on the beach:

To maximise a positive experience for visitors to our beaches, dogs should NOT be allowed to:

  • Jump up on/harass other beach users, especially young children and the elderly
  • Act aggressively towards other dogs or animals
  • Urinate on beach towels/clothes
  • Run uncontrolled with the risk of colliding into people
  • Be exercised off-leash in sand dunes and areas where restrictions have been installed to assist in the preservation of flora or fauna (ie: where there are Hooded Plover nests/eggs/chicks)

If you are not confident your dog meets these criteria, do not exercise the dog off‑leash.  We suggest you discuss with an animal instructor about training routines to solve these problems.

Beach Dog Exercise Controls

Permanent dog off-leash - effective at all times of the year and all times of the day.

Where dogs can be exercised off-leash and under effective control

  • Normanville/Carrickalinga Beaches - between 200 meters north of Normanville Jetty (Lacham Street access) to the southern side of Carrickalinga river estuary.
  • Pebble Beach - (west of the Jetty at Second Valley)
  • Fisheries Beach - Cape Jervis

Permanent dog on-Leash - effective at all times of the year and all times of the day.

  • Normanville Beach - 200 metres either side of Normanville Jetty.
  • Myponga Beach - west of the pedestrian access point.
  • Lady Bay - 100 metres either side of the Yankalilla River Outlet

Dog on-leash - effective between 10am to 6pm from 1 December to the end of February and Good Friday to Easter Monday (inclusive).

The following beaches have controls where dogs must be exercised on-leash and under effective control for the busy summer months and the Easter long weekend.  Outside of these restriction times, dogs may be exercised on or off-leash, again always under effective control.

  • Morgan's Beach
  • Rapid Bay Beach
  • Second Valley Beach – East of the causeway/jetty only
  • Myponga Beach - east of the pedestrian access point
  • Normanville and Lady Bay Beaches - from 200 metres south of Normanville jetty to Little Gorge Outlet (with the exception of 100 metres either side of Yankalilla River Outlet)
  • Carrickalinga Beach - between Carrickalinga River and Carrickalinga Head.
  • Carrickalinga Beach - 100 metres either side of the beach access by the public toilets

Beaches where dogs are NOT permitted

At any time:

  • Lands' End Beach (Cape Jervis)
  • Shelly Beach (locally named beach from the gate and south of the Little Gorge Outlet at Lady Bay)

From 1 December to the end of February and Good Friday to Easter Monday (inclusive):

  • Tunkalilla
  • Coolawany
  • Callawonga
  • Ballaparudda

Outside of these times dogs must be exercised on-leash at all times


As required and with the aim of protecting flora and fauna, Council and or volunteers will protect areas of a beach where there are Hooded Plover nests, eggs or chicks present. The protection usually includes temporary fencing by way of steel or timber droppers and rope, twine, or similar. Signs are attached notifying the beach users of the area of protection.

Irrespective of the controls in place for the rest of the beach, beach goers are asked to adhere to the controls noted on the signage and keep themselves and their dogs well away from the protected area whilst it is in place.

Council advises that regular patrols will take place for the duration of the temporary protected area to ensure controls are being complied with. Expiation notices will be issued for non-compliance.


Council has implemented dog on-leash controls in reserves where there is children’s playground equipment, wetlands and/or shared paths.

Controls within reserves are valid at all times and do not change depending on the time of year or time of day (ie 10am to 6pm) with the exception of Bungala Park (see below).

The following reserves are dog on leash at all times:

  • Apex Park
  • Banksia Park
  • Johnson and Katherine Drive Reserve
  • Lions Yankalilla Youth Park
  • Normanville Foreshore and Car Park
  • Robert Norman Reserve
  • Second Valley Playground
  • Tuna Crescent Reserve
  • North Bay Car Park to Haycock Reserve

Bungala Park is a dog on-leash area between 8am and sunset.  Outside of these times the park is a dog exercise area.  These controls will be reviewed during its redevelopment.

Compostable Poop Bags

Council is proud that all its dog poop bags available in the dispensers around the District are topped up with COMPOSTABLE BAGS!

Bags and the poop can be placed in green bins !

What SUP?

Picking up after your dog:

There are many dog poo bag dispensers available throughout our District, should a container need replenishing, please call us on 8558 0200. Poo bags can be found at the following locations:

North Carrickalinga

  • Car Park beach entrance/lookout
  • Car Park southern end
  • Seaspray Avenue beach entrance

Carrickalinga Sands

  • Car Park beach entrance

South Carrickalinga

  • Car Park beach entrance
  • Corner Broadbeach & Gold Coast Drive
  • Gold Coast Drive:
  • Opp Nos 2: Beach Entrance
  • Opp Nos 3: Beach Entrance
  • Opp Nos 40: Beach Entrance
  • Opp Nos 31: Beach Entrance
  • Car park beach entrance by toilets

Second Valley

  • Beach Entrance


  • Skate Park/Library/the Centre
  • Foodland car park by toilet block
  • Golf Course

Normanville Beach

  • Car park – at 3 beach entrances


  • Bungala Park
  • Corner Johnston Avenue & Hunt Drive

Myponga Sports Ground

Myponga Beach

  • Northern entrance

Cape Jervis

  • KI Terminal car park


Walking your dog on the beach is a lovely experience for you and for your dog.  There are laws that apply which are intended to ensure ALL beach and reserve users enjoy their experience.

Council has employed additional resources which regularly patrol our District. Residents and visitors are encouraged to call our Customer Service Team on 8558 0200 or email council@yankalilla.sa.gov.au to report any possible infringement of controls.

The following expiations may be issued should dog owners not take responsibility for their dogs:

Type of offenceExpiation Fee
Not picking up dog faeces $210
Exercising a dog off leash during times where on-leash controls are in place $210
Exercising a dog which is not under effective control (both within on and off leash areas) $210

Having an unregistered dog

- if dangerous or prescribed breed



Non-compliance with a by-law $187.50
A dog that attacks, harasses, chases or otherwise endagers the health of a person, animal or bird $315