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The Victor Harbor Times: Thursday, 27 August 2015


Report 14.1 to August 2015 Council meeting: Place Branding Project: Brandmark Creative Direction(313 kb)

June 2015

Yankalilla Council endorses a new place brand

Made by Nature: Fleurieu Coast
will be the new place brand for the Yankalilla District after it was endorsed at the June Council meeting this week.

The new brand aims to capture the essence of the District’s identity to better articulate and communicate why the District is a great place to live, do business and visit.

Having this strategy in place will sharpen the focus of promotional efforts on key messages and give us an identity to which people will be able to relate.

Over the past 18 months we have carefully looked at the character and values of our District’s townships and communities to uncover the values shared throughout the community. The list of values formed the foundation for informing the direction we took in finding a name and tagline.

In 2013 the community helped to begin to uncover the District’s values when 190 respondents participated in the ‘What is it about this place?!’ survey. Further community consultation was done in late 2014.

This work will act as a guide for how Council, community and business can talk to all of it’s audiences using consistent messages to create a more distinctive and competitive identity.


Report 14.1 to June 2015 Council meeting: Place Branding Project: Regional Name and Tagline(107 kb)

Report 14.1 to June 2015 Council meeting - June 2015 - DCY Regional Name and Tagline - Freerange Future(892 kb)

Minutes of June 2015 Council meeting: Council Minutes June 2015(178 kb)

Flyer: Place Branding Project Information Flyer (A5)(90 kb)