Business FAQ

Ever wondered how Do Business Fleurieu Coast (DBFC) is different from other initiatives? Here’s everything you’ve wanted to know.

Is DBFC part of Council?

Yes. DBFC is an initiative of Council’s Economy, Tourism & Community team and is set up as an information and opportunity sharing network.

Is DBFC just another Chamber of Commerce?

No. DBFC works on an industry-wide level across the Fleurieu Coast and does not have members. Chambers of Commerce tend to work at an enterprise and/or village level, helping individual businesses who pay a membership fee in exchange for services and/or networking events.

So what does DBFC actually do?

DBFC is set up to help share information and opportunity across the Fleurieu Coast economy. It does this in three main ways:

  • Support – DBFC supports the Fleurieu Coast business community to build business capacity and deliver initiatives that boost business. Tap into our Visiting Specialist program to speak one-on-one with an expert.
  • Connection – DBFC connects businesses to each other, to council and to information so that opportunity can be created and shared. Face-to-face networking events and the DBFC Newsletter provide a regular hit of business updates and opportunities to connect across businesses and industries.
  • Capacity Building – DBFC works with complimentary organisations to develop and deliver learning and capacity building programs for business operators. Check out our Business Booster series of workshops.

DBFC does not provide member services or individual advice to business although we can refer you to some excellent agencies that do this. DBFC does work in partnership with other organisations to host networking events, training and workshops as part of the various industry, amongst other things.

Can DBFC assist in my project / event / business?

DBFC regularly receives requests for assistance, investment or sponsorship for a range of projects. Council has allocated funds to assist business in dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. Beyond financial support, Council’s Economy, Tourism & Community team works to facilitate investment and support. We can connect you with others and help build relationships and point you towards information and resources that we know of. Please call us and we will help wherever we can.