Pre-Qualified Contractors

WHS & Risk Management Pre Qualified Contractors Register

For the purposes of complying with Council's insurance provider in relation to WHS Act 2012, Council has a legislative responsibility to develop a Pre Qualified Contractors Register.

Any contractors wishing to continue or secure future work with Council will need to comply with Council's WHS legislative requirements. The easiest way to do this is to express interest in becoming a Pre Qualified Contractor, which will be followed by a formal induction process.

Any contractor wishing to obtain further information or lodge an expression of interest will need to obtain the Pre Qualified Contractors Information Kit (see below).

Just complete the forms and return by email to:

Pre Qualified Contractors Information Kit

About the Pre Qualified Contractors Register system

We are committed to Work Health and Safety by ensuring the safety of our workers, contractors, ratepayers and visitors. All potential contractors must agree to abide by the safety policies and procedures which we have adopted. All of our workers work within these safety guidelines.

Our contractors and their workers are also expected to abide by these guidelines:

  • the purpose in having a Pre-Qualified Contractors Register is to ensure that there is a pool of contractors, who are able to provide a range of services that meet the appropriate Work Health and Safety, Insurance and WorkCover standards;
  • where the need arises to engage the services of a contractor, the contractor will be selected from the Pre-Qualified Contractors Register;
  • if a tenderer is on the Pre-Qualified Contractors Register list they will not be required to submit Work Health and Safety, Insurance or WorkCover documentation with their tender;
  • for those tenderers who are not on the Pre-Qualified Contractors Register they can download and complete an application form, or contact the contract manager, to ensure compliance;
  • each contractor will also be required to provide documentary proof of their WorkCover Registration and Certificate of Currency from their insurers, not their brokers, for the appropriate insurances; and.
  • only those contractors who provide Work Health and Safety Insurance and WorkCover documentation to an acceptable standard will be retained on the Contractor Register.

Note: Like everything, once you register we can't guarantee work, but it does allow our staff to have access to great performing local services.

Contractor Assessment

Prior to a new contractor being placed on the Pre-Qualified Contractors Register they will be required to complete this assessment and submit it with supporting documentation to the contract manager for review. If approved, the contractor will be placed on the Pre-Qualified Contractors Register for use by all areas of the District Council of Yankalilla. The contract manager will provide assistance to the contractor to address any areas of concern.

Should you want to become a Registered Contractor of the District Council of Yankalilla, please download the files from the links below and return the completed forms to the contract manager.

Contractor Safety Booklet(451 kb)

Pre Qualified Contractors Register Organisation Forms(203 kb)

Contact details

For more information and / or return documents

Contract Manager
District Council of Yankalilla
PO Box 9

Phone (08) 8558 0200