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District Council of Yankalilla puts community safety first with new COVID-19 measures

The District Council of Yankalilla considers the wellbeing of its residents and visitors to be the utmost priority. That is why we have put in place new initiatives that will enable us to continue serving our community in the safest and most efficient way possible while keeping our employees, volunteers and contractors safe.

Council is also focused on minimising disruption to services we deliver across our community, especially those that if impacted, will reduce the district’s ability to recover from this pandemic.

The Federal Government has recently announced new initiatives to reduce the spread of COVID-19 – otherwise known as coronavirus – within the wider Australian community. These include:

  • Banning all non-essential gatherings of over 500 people outdoor and 100 people indoors;
  • Requiring all overseas travelers entering Australia to self-isolate for 14 days; and
  • Enforcing social distancing.

This is a rapidly evolving situation with further announcements expected. Rest assured, the Council will endeavour to keep you as up-to-date as possible with information as the situation unfolds.

Council’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has established a working party to develop plans, guidelines and act as the point of contact for any enquiries. The SLT has signed off the below actions by area or service:

Caravan Park, Normanville

  • The caravan park will remain open but assessed daily
  • Signage at all entrances, as well as the laundry, kitchens, cabins and toilets
  • Continuity plan in place if the caravan park manager is quarantined
  • Website will be updated as changes occur

Customer Service

  • Signage is installed to remind customers who may be unwell to not enter the building
  • Regular cleaning of front counter area will be undertaken
  • Toilet facilities are closed to staff only
  • Our telephone number is 8558 0200 and you are encouraged to call us first – we may be able to assist you without a personal visit and email you forms etc
  • You will be asked to be aware of social distancing yourself from staff
  • You are encouraged to call the office to speak with any ‘expert’ staff, for example Development Team to see if any query can be managed without the need for a personal visit


  • All external programs have been cancelled
  • Staff will maintain the planting compound and the irrigation and work from home when possible

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

  • From today no further bookings will be taken
  • Any existing bookings will be honoured provided Volunteers are willing to drive and comply with our strict set of rules
  • COVID-19 Information sheets are available in all vehicles
  • We have identified 3 clients that in the short term will need to be driven until alternatives can be made for them
  • After next week, each vehicle will have a dedicated driver and only that person will use the vehicle until further notice

Community Programs

  • Our Community Services team will be working from home when possible and whilst programs have capacity, We will cancel programs where possible and this will be reassessed daily, or as needed


  • The Compliance Team will continue to patrol and assist the public with issues regarding animal management, parking obstructions etc
  • Queries should be made via telephone, or online, in the first instance


  • All staff have been reminded to maintain and perform good hygiene practices, and Council has provided Antiseptic hand sanitiser at the entrance of the depot offices
  • A rolling start time for the Staff- Large Truck drivers are starting at 5:30am, Rural Team starting at 6:00am, Parks and Garden starting at 6:30am and Town Maintenance starting at 7:00am
  • Pinpointed staff most at risk and reminded every-body to be vigilant of each other and themselves to minimise risk levels for the wider good
  • Identified that staff numbers may drop due to need to care for children if schools close, so contractors may need to be utilised, which have been sourced
  • Identified what “Essential Services” Council would need to maintain in the event of reduced activity; Water treatment Plants, property access and egress, and Responsive/Emergency availability are our key areas to staff.


  • Finance, HR and Safety staff will work from home when possible and rotate so coverage at the office is maintained
  • We will endeavor to meet the timeframes for provision of property searches

Library Services

  • All group programs are being cancelled for the foreseeable future, but the in-home delivery service will continue for now and is being reassessed daily
  • Library staff are cleaning all equipment and doors daily
  • Instructional signage on the entrances
  • Hand sanitiser to be used on entry and exit
  • Information updated on website as changes occur

Reminder, from the safety of your home you can download library resources such as eMagazines, eBooks and audio books using the onecard app or library catalogue

In addition, public library services is looking to enhance the one card system with the following:

  • The extension of loan periods so that people who are unwell or who do not want to visit the library do not need to be concerned - extending loans periods to 6 weeks, allowing up to 5 renewals, suspending overdue and lost notices, extending expired customer accounts automatically
  • Regarding requested items, extending the expiry date of the request and extending the pick-up date
  • Adding a pop-up banner to the Enterprise page (the catalogue) leading to a general info page about the virus
  • Regarding courier services quarantining material for up to 5 days so that any item that may be contaminated is held in isolation for a period that is over the recommended 72 hours and reviewing stopping the courier service all together

Fleurieu Coast Visitor Centre

  • Will remain open for the moment, but will have running closures, dependent on staffing, for example it may be shut on Saturday. All closures will be advertised on the website and kept updated with any changes
  • Museum will remain open with the Visitor Information Centre
  • Instructional Signage on all doors and toilets
  • Volunteers and staff have access to clean running water and soap in the building
  • Doors and equipment will be wiped down with antiseptic daily

Work Health and Safety

As person-to-person spread becomes likely in South Australia the virus presents a risk to staff.

Due to its contagious nature, it will be spread by infected individuals either directly from contaminated coughing and sneezing or indirectly from contaminated surfaces.

The likelihood of person-to-person spread of the virus, from infected other staff or visitors who may not have visible symptoms, increases with the number of people Council staff have direct close contact with each day (within 1m for more than 15 minutes at a time).

Current controls Council has implemented with staff include but are not limited to:

  • Practicing good personal hygiene, including washing hands with soap and water
  • Instructed staff to self-isolate if sick or have had contact with a known COVID-19 case
  • Not attend work if unwell
  • Sending staff home if they become unwell
  • Social distancing - no handshakes, hugging and keeping distance of 1 metre

In the event of a confirmed Council staff member with COVID-19

  • The office (or local work area – wing or floor) will be closed for a minimum of 24 hours and staff will be sent home
  • Closure will allow SA Health to identify and notify anyone who has come into close contact with an infected person and provide advice about who needs to seek treatment and/or self-isolate, and
  • The site will also undergo a thorough clean and reopen on the advice of health experts

Business continuity for Council

We are preparing for potential site closures if a Council staff member is confirmed with COVID-19, as directed by SA Health, consistent with comparable Government services, and if widespread person-to-person transmission occurs within our area.

Work is continuing to identify triggers for these decisions while we monitor the approach being taken in SA and interstate.

Council’s Senior Leadership Team are meeting and engaging with Managers/Team Leaders and we will keep you all informed as we move forward.

Where can you get further information?

Contacting Council

You are reminded that Council’s opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm.

In the first instance to adhere to social distancing guidelines, you are encouraged to contact us via:

-       Phone:       8558 0200

-       Email:

-       Web:

Personal visits to the office, are discouraged