Fees and Charges

The Local Government Act 1999 empowers a Council to impose fees and charges for various services it provides, either as a part of its statutory functions or on request.

Council’s fees and charges are subject to public consultation and resolution by Council.

Section 188(6) of the Act requires Council to keep a list of fees and charges imposed under this section on public display (during ordinary office hours) at the principal office of the Council.

As per the Goods and Services Tax Act 1999, GST will be charged on all fees and charges, except those given exemption under the Act.

The fees and charges will identify all those charges that attract a Goods and Services Tax.  All prices will be inclusive of a 10% GST where applicable.  Bond monies will not attract GST unless monies are not refunded due to breaches in relation to conditions of hire.

Other fees and charges imposed by Council are determined by legislation and is not responsibility of Council.

Fees and Charges as adopted by Council(668 kb)