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District Council of Yankalilla Policies

See Council's Annual Business Plan - Click Here

Annual Business Plan and Budgeting Policy(48 kb)

Art Installation in Public Places Policy(53 kb)

Asset Management Policy(39 kb)

Building Inspection Policy(50 kb)

Caretaker Policy(102 kb)

Cemeteries and Community Memorials Policy(328 kb)

CHSP Client Contribution Policy 2018(112 kb)

Civic Awards Policy(39 kb)

Code of Conduct - Employees - Gazetted(38 kb)

Code of Practice for Access to Meetings and Documents

Code of Practice, Formal Proceedings for Council & Committee(323 kb)

Community Grant Policy 2019(184 kb)

Community Group Loan Policy(43 kb)

Complaints Policy(324 kb)

Computer Usage Policy(326 kb)

Control of Election Signage Policy(67 kb)

Credit Card Policy(219 kb)

Discretionary Rebates of Rates Policy(163 kb)

Discretionary Rate Rebate Application(255 kb)

District & Town Entrance Signboards Policy(95 kb)

Elected Members Allowances and Benefits Policy(59 kb)

Code of Conduct for Council Members Gazetted(565 kb)Complaints Handling Procedure under the Council members Code of Conduct(42 kb)

Elected Member Dress Code Policy(154 kb)

Elected member Induction Policy(27 kb)

Elected Member Informal Gatherings Policy(95 kb)

Elected Member Information Request Policy(37 kb)

Elected Members Records Management Policy(67 kb)

Elected Member Training & Development Policy(29 kb)

Enforcement Policy(61 kb)

Fixed Asset Financial Reporting Policy(171 kb)

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy(339 kb)

General Ledger Information Policy(184 kb)

Heritage Policy

Home Based Activity Policy(96 kb)

Individual Grants for Youth and Students Policy(194 kb)

Internal Financial Control Policy(177 kb)

Internal Review of Council Decision Policy(363 kb)

LMA & Encumbrance Policy(36 kb)

Order Making Policy(62 kb)

Outdoor Dining Policy(224 kb)

Postponement of Rates Policy(49 kb)

Policy on Interaction of the Development Act, State Records Act and Freedom of Information Act with the Copyright Act(71 kb)

Privacy Policy(54 kb)

Privately Funded Development Plan Amendment Policy(105 kb)

Procurement Policy(227 kb)

Prudential Management Policy(59 kb)

Public Consultation Policy(216 kb)

Public Interest Disclosure

Rates Capping Policy(187 kb)

Rates and Charges Hardship Policy(243 kb)

Records Management Policy and Procedures(169 kb)

Requests for Services Policy(261 kb)

Request for Service Procedure(278 kb)

Risk Management Policy(140 kb)

Risk Management Framework(530 kb)

Road Naming Policy(379 kb)

Sale & Disposal of Council Land & Other Assets Policy(75 kb)

Short Term Use of Council Land Policy(173 kb)

Strategic Rating Policy 2012(45 kb)

Stobie Pole Art - Guidelines(168 kb)

Taxation Policy(134 kb)

Treasury Management Policy(121 kb)

Tree Management Policy(258 kb)

Volunteer Policy(36 kb)