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Recent Council Decisions

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20th November 2020
The following will provide a summary of this months Council Meeting decisions. As always, we encourage you to read the complete agenda and minutes to get the full details and a greater understanding of topics.
Motion on Notice: Normanville Foreshore Recognition of Families that Gifted Valuable Parcels of Land – Cr. Verwey

This motion was Lost, therefore no further action will be taken.

Chief Executive Report

The report was received with the granting of Annual Leave for the Chief Executive over the Christmas/New Year period and the appointment of the Chief Operating Officer as Acting Chief Executive during this time.

Council also made the decision to not release from confidence the Fleurieu Futures Reports as the Mayors and Chief Executives from the three Council’s could not reach consensus on their release.

Council Committee Minutes

The minutes of the recent Fleurieu Regional Assessment Panel and the Audit Committee meetings were received.

Council’s Strategic Plan – 2030 Vision and Four Year Focus Plan

Closing off the ‘Nature’s Best – Let’s Plan the Rest’, Council’s biggest community consultation ever, Council has adopted the final Strategic Plan. The community feedback was greatly appreciated and used to amend the final plan.

Council’s Economic Development Strategy – Prosperous by Nature

After receiving results from the recent community consultation, Council adopted its Economic Development Plan providing a five-year planning framework to support the vibrancy, diversity and sustainability of the communities of the Yankalilla District, to 2025 and beyond.

Management of the Rapid Bay Campground

A report was presented outlining options for the future management and opportunities for the Rapid Bay campground. It was decided that the Chief Executive present additional information and detailed business cases on continuing the existing campground on parcel of land Crown Record 5226/62 and providing a more upmarket or RV zones at the other end of the parcel of land, to the February 2020 Elected Member Forum.

Allocation of Community Grants 2020/2021

The Community Grant funding available for 2020/2021 will be allocated as below:

Ref Nos


Submission made for



Fleurieu Horse and Pony Club

Jumping equipment storage trailer



Myponga Netball Club

TV for digital display



Normanville Farmers Market

Marketing and first aid kit



Yankalilla Area School (LAP Mentoring Program)

Connections with community - outdoor edible garden



Cape Jervis Progress Association

Event: Colour the Cape Family Day



Yankalilla Area School

Wooden boat project – outrigger sails



Yankalilla Area School

Youth Development & Leadership



Yankalilla & District Over 50s Club

Developing Diversity: Cantilever umbrellas for alfresco area



Yankalilla Hockey Club

Safety fencing



Second Valley Progress Association

Jaitjakawengga Reserve Masterlan – stage 1 – Implement Community Petanque Piste



Normanville Tennis Club

Clubroom improvements



5CY Combined Christian Churches Community Care Yankalilla

Community care (ongoing)



Yankalilla District Inter Church Council

Support for 2020 Christmas Carols



Yankalilla District Inter Church Council

Breakfast Club (Yankalilla Area & Myponga Primary Schools)



Myponga Primary School

Assemblies and Community Concert



Inman Valley Community & Memorial Hall

Information board



Myponga Pistol and Shooting Club

Wheelchair access ramp


Several Elected Members donated their annual Elected Member allowance increase towards their choice of applicant to increase the grant amount:

  • Cr. Quirke donated $200 to reference 13 Yankalilla & District Over 50s Club
  • Cr. Rothwell donated $135 to reference 24 Myponga Primary School
  • Cr. Spilsbury donated $108 for reference 23 Yankalilla District Inter Church Council
  • Cr. Zarins and Cr. Verwey both donated $108 each for reference 9 Yankalilla Area School

Mayor Glen Rowlands donated a total of $1,080 to Fleurieu Trails for their Mountain Bike project.

Council will provide an In-Kind Contribution to the Second Valley Progress Association (Ref 13) for nursery tubestock and bunting, signage and site closure during works.

Community Land Management Plan, Normanville Foreshore

Council endorsed the updated Community Land Management Plan to reflect Council’s ownership of Lot 430 (previously owned by the Crown) and apply current trust restrictions of use as a reserve for café and surf life saving club purposes over the whole of Lot 100 and portions of Lot 430, both located at Normanville foreshore.

Normanville Beach Café, Request for Lease for Shipping Container

Council has agreed to a lease for Aldelphies Pty Ltd to install a shipping container over portions of land Lot 100 and Lot 430, Normanville Foreshore. This lease will be granted on a month-to-month basis at a fixed fee of $600 per month.

The container will be used as an extension to the current Café and Kiosk space as shown in the image.

Normanville Foreshore Land Transfers 1945 and 1955 – Legal Advice

Following discussions regarding the gifting of land at the Normanville foreshore, Council sought legal advice in relation to Allotment 120 transferred in 1945 and Allotment 122 transferred in 1955.

The legal advice provided reads:

“That there is no evidence that either of the two areas of land are subject to any trust binding on Council. Indeed, there is evidence that directly contradicts such a position being the case. Council may use and deal with either area of land in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1999 applicable to council land classified as community land”.

Backhouse Road, Delamere – Road Closure

Consultation on the proposed road closure of Backhouse Road was received and Council determined to continue the road closure process by issuing a new Certificate of Title to the District Council of Yankalilla for portion of the road and the remaining sections of road to be merged with adjoining Certificate of Titles. Easements will be granted for right of way on foot for access to the Heysen Trail and free and unrestricted rights of way for access to private properties.

Process Required to Change Zoning in Myponga

Through engagement with the Myponga community during the recent ‘Nature’s Best – Let’s Plan the Rest’, the community voiced the need for tourism growth in the district.

Council endorsed a project plan for zoning changes in the township of Myponga to facilitate greater tourist accommodation and commercial activity.

Yankalilla and Normanville Streetscape Master Plan

In 2010 Council commenced the process to implement a streetscape plan for the townships of Yankalilla and Normanville. Following the completion of the district’s Structure Plan Council has been given the opportunity to finalise this plan that stretches along Main South Road from Arthur Street at the eastern end of Yankalilla to Jetty Road in Normanville.

The Plan documents the elements of the history of the area which have contributed to character, identifies works undertaken in response to the Plan, identifies outstanding issues and makes recommendations, and sets priorities, for future works.

Annual Report and Financial Reports for 2019/2020

Council’s 2019/2020 Annual Report, which includes the Full Year Financials, was adopted outlining Council’s business and highlights of the 2019/2020 financial year.

First Quarter Budget Review – 2020/2021

Council’s Audit Committee recommended that Council adopt the first quarter budget review as Council’s current budget. The changes are a materially positive gain for Council due to the significant grant funding that has been won. This has moved the Total Comprehensive Income from a deficit of $50,096 to a surplus of $701,270 which in turn will reduce the level of financial liabilities.

The adjustments in the First Quarter Budget Review forecasts an end of financial year Operating Deficit of $195,893 and a Total Comprehensive Income surplus of $701,270.

Treasury Management Report

Council received the Treasury Management Report outlining Council’s loan liabilities and investments as of 30 September 2020.

Credit Card Facility – Increase in Credit Limit to $50,000

Council authorised the Chief Executive the ability to increase the business credit card facility with ANZ to $50,000.  Best practice for procurement of small items is the use of credit cards, therefore staff are utilising their cards more frequently and Council may need to increase limits of current users and this also allows additional cards to be provided where required.

COVID-19 Rates Relief and Business Support

To assist local businesses with the downturn from COVID-19, Council waived 50% of three months of lease payments for Adelphies Pty Ltd on their lease on Lot 100 Jetty Road Normanville for a total value of $4,941.19 and approved the following discretionary rate rebates;



General Rates


Value of rebate

Yankalilla Hotel



$ 11,087.00


$ 5,543.50

Links Lady Bay



$ 3,250.85


$ 1,625.43

Links Lady Bay



$ 2,499.95


$ 1,249.98

As part of the future upgrade for the Yankalilla Library the current shade structure at the Centre will not be required in the new layout.  Council will investigate the option of the moving the shade structure from the Centre to the Yankalilla Pocket Park to enable outdoor seating for local Yankalilla Business Patrons and a report outlining findings and costs will be presented to the December 2020 meeting of Council.

Council granted $2,200 to the Twilight Market project so they can offer discounted amusement rides to children.

Regional Subsidiaries and other Organisations/Entities

Council received the minutes of meetings for the Southern & Hills Local Government Association held on 21 August 2020 and the Fleurieu Region Community Services Advisory Committee held on 13 October 2020.

Upcoming agenda items – December 2020

  • Selection of Australia Day Award Recipients
  • Planning Reforms
  • Normanville Surf Life Saving Club/Kiosk Rebuild
  • Presentation of Draft Normanville Foreshore and Caravan Park Master Plan
  • Draft Long Term Financial Plan for Community Consultation
  • Consideration of Council assisting State Government with operations of Wirrina Marina