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Dog and Cat Reforms

Legislative Changes effective from 1 July 2018

New legislation and Council Cat By-law 2018 will affect:

  • All dog owners
  • All cat owners
  • All who breed and/or sell a puppy/kitten

For full details of the new laws, visit the Dog and Cat Management Board's website at http://www.dogandcatboard.com.au/

Main points (Flyer(213 kb)):

  • Micro-chipping is mandatory for all cats and dogs (unless you have an exemption certificate)
  • De-sexing is mandatory for all cats and dogs born after 1 July 2018 (unless you have an exemption certificate)
  • ANYONE who breeds or sells a dog or cat MUST register as a BREEDER (Fee of $75 is payable to the Dog and Cat Management Board)
  • Registrations of DOGS and CATS is mandatory in the District Council of Yankalilla
  • The Dog and Cat Management Board has increased and introduced expiation fees for non-compliance with legislation
  • Registration is now done at a state not local level and is done on-line
  • Only concessions validated by the state will be accepted for registration fees 
  • The STATE-WIDE registration system gives access to dog and cat information by all required bodies (ie: councils, vets, animal welfare agencies etc)
  • The dog or cat registration fee is set by the LOCAL COUNCIL and collected by and distributed by the Dog and Cat Management Board. 
  • From 1 July 2018, cats will not be permitted to "wander at large" within the District.  This control is the same as applied to dogs within the District.

These changes are designed to improve dog and cat management and welfare and are the result of years of planning and public consultation by the Dog and Cat Management Board and the State Government.

Compulsory De-sexing

  • Compulsory for all dogs and cats born after 1 July 2018 (unless you have an exemption certificate).
  • From 1 July 2018 all new generations of dogs and cats (born after 1 July 2018) must be de-sexed by a certain age (unless exempted under the Act or if it is an existing dog born before 1 July 2018).

Compulsory Micro chipping

  • From 1 July 2018, it will be mandatory for all dogs and cats to be micro-chipped (unless you have an exemption certificate).
  • This applies to all existing dogs and cats.
  • All micro-chipping agencies will have to register micro-chipping details into the Dogs and Cats Online system 

Council is Providing Discounted Micro-chipping

Council is running discounted Discount micro-chipping days at the Council offices (1 Charles Street, Yankalilla) on:

  • Sunday 15 April and
  • Saturday 30th June

The cost for micro-chipping is $10 per animal and you need to register your timeslot at the Chipblitz website

Registration of Dogs and Cats from 1 July 2018

  • All cats (from some Council areas) and all dogs within South Australia are to be registered via a STATE WIDE on-line registration system.  This system is known as Dogs and Cats Online.
  • From 1 July 2018, Dogs and Cats Online is the NEW way to register your dog and cat. You DO NOT register your dog or cat via your local council any more.
  • Dog and cat registration, along with the way you manage your pet microchip, health and breeder information, will be simplified with the introduction of a new website.
  • The Dog and Cats Online system will be the only point for all your dog and cat management registrations, payments and information.  The system REPLACES the systems used in the past in individual local councils.

Please visit http://www.dogandcatboard.com.au/ for more details.

Concessions for Registrations

From 1 July 2018, when registering a dog or cat only the following concessions will apply to any registration fee.  When entering details of your concessions a real-time assessment will take place via the DHS website to validate your concession.  Only the following concessions are accepted:

  • Pension card,
  • Health care card,
  • DVA gold and white cards, and
  • Seniors health card.

Lifetime Numbering - One Tag

All registered dogs and cats, from 1 July 2018, will be provided with a LIFETIME NUMBER.  A tag will be issued by the Dog and Cat Management Board with this number displayed.  Once you receive the tag, you will need to access the Dogs and Cats Online system, check your details and pay your registration fee. 

It is VERY important to note that the receipt of the tag is not confirmation of payment (as in previous years).  Not paying for your dog/cat registration by the due date of 31 August will result in a late fee being applied and continued non-registration will likely result in an expiation notice being issued.

Replacement tags will be available via the Dogs and Cats Online system.

Making Payments for Registrations

Payment for your registration is through the Dogs and Cats Online system via Credit Card or BPAY

Please note - past BPAY references you had for dog registrations WILL NOT WORK.  You will need to use the BPAY number detailed on your renewal notice.

Where can you register your dog or cat from 1 July 2018?

Registration can only be done ONLINE.  If you do not have access to a computer, Council has the following locations where free on-line access is available (along with volunteers to assist with the process if necessary):

  • The Library
  • The Centre
  • The Visitor Information Centre
  • The Council Offices

Two dogs/cats per Property

The current By-laws for both dogs and cats limit the number permitted to reside on a property as two (2).  Permission is required from Council for housing more than this prescribed number.

Contact the Customer Service Team on 8558 0200 (Mon - Fri 9-5pm) for further assistance with this matter.

Breeding and Selling

These changes don’t just affect professional breeders, but anyone whose dog or cat has a litter. 

  • From the 1 July 2018 you will be required to become a registered breeder, with the Dog and Cat Management Board, if you breed or sell dogs and cats.
  • Breeders are required to supply a breeder registration number (issued by the Dog and Cat Management Board) and current contact details in any advertisements listing dogs or cats for sale or trade.
  • All breeders are required to abide by the new Standards and Guidelines for breeders and sellers.
  • All dogs and cats registered will need to provide the breeder number where they purchased the dog or cat.
  • A Breeder registration fee of $75 will apply

Transferring from One Council Area to Another

  • The responsibility to amend details when moving to a different Council area remains the responsibility of the dog/cat owner
  • This process is no longer managed by the local Council - the owner logs into the Dogs and Cats Online system and updates information accordingly

Updating Owner Information

  • This process is no longer managed by the local Council - the owner logs into the Dogs and Cats Online system and updates information accordingly

Lost Cats and Dogs

As cats and dogs are to be micro-chipped, reuniting lost cats and dogs with their owners should be an easier task, however there will be times where animals can not be identified or the owner cannot be contacted. 

On such occasions, Council can impound the animal and pass on  impounding fees directly to the owner (as subject to Council's Fees and Charges). Please note expiation notices may be issued for cats and dogs 'wandering at large'.

Council endeavours to provide details of lost animals on its web site and via its Facebook account, the Dogs and Cats Online system also has an opportunity for owners to mark their animal as being lost. 

Council may keep the animal for 3 days prior to passing to an agency for rehousing.

Expiation Notices

Council is responsible for enforcing legislative requirements and is keen to encourage its residents to be responsible dog and cat owners. This means registering, micro-chipping and de-sexing all dogs and cats (unless specific exemptions apply).  Council is required to issue expiations for non-compliance.

Please note the following expiation fees have been set by the legislation:


  • Not registering - $170
  • Dog Attack - $315
  • Wandering at Large - $210
  • Failure to Microchip - $TBA by the Dog and Cat Management Board
  • Failure to De-sex - $TBA by the Dog and Cat Management Board
  • Failure to wear a collar with ID - $170


If you require any further information, please contact our Customer Service Team  Monday - Friday on 8558 0200 or visit Council Offices at 1 Charles Street, Yankalilla.


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