Fire Danger Season is Coming

20th September 2020
Fire prevention is not a one-off activity. It is important to be aware landholders have a responsibility to regularly maintain their properties throughout the fire season.

Fire Danger - Prepare Your Property for 2020/21 Season

Council will be posting advisory letters next week to District Council of Yankalilla vacant landholders and property owners who received a Fire Prevention Notice last year, as a reminder to prepare for this upcoming fire season.

The letter will advise property owners to take every effort to reduce the risk of fire to their property and the community as a whole.

Simple steps outlined in the letter are centred on reducing the fuel load to minimise the threat of fire. This includes maintaining grass and weeds to less than 10cm high, raking up leaves and bark, pruning and removing rubbish and garden waste.

It is important to note that these are not one-off activities and landholders have a responsibility to regularly maintain their properties throughout the fire season to keep the risk of fire low.

Council’s Fire Prevention Officer will be inspecting private properties throughout November to ensure property owners and residents are meeting their fire prevention responsibilities.

If it becomes apparent that maintenance work has not been undertaken, landowners can expect to be served with a 105F Fire Prevention Notice specifying what needs to be done to reduce the fire risk on their property.

Non-adherence to the requirements in the notice could result in the landholder being issued with a $315 infringement notice and wearing the cost of contractors undertaking the necessary fire reduction work at their property.

Council has the legal right to act on and remove a fire hazard on private land where necessary and issue an additional administration fee for the works.

It is Council’s responsibility to ensure the fire risk in the district is reduced and the community is as protected as possible from the threat of fire.

There is a high chance of above average rainfall this spring which means that grass and weeds will take off if they are not maintained and the risk of fire within the community will be greater. Landholders will need to constantly work at minimising their property fuel load throughout the fire season.

If landholders require further information on their fire prevention obligations, they are encouraged to contact Council's Fire Prevention Officer on 08 8558 0200 or visit the CFS website