August 2020 Council Decisions

21st August 2020
A summary of our August Council decisions.

August Council Meeting Decisions

The following will provide a summary of the August 2020 Council Meeting decisions.  As always we encourage you to read the complete agenda and minutes to get details and a greater understanding of topics

Read the detailed Agenda or full Council Minutes here.


External Personnel/Companies Contracted by the Council from 2015/16 to 2019/20? – Cr. Bill Verwey.
Due to the resources required for this question, it was resolved to discuss it at the September 2020 Elected Member Forum.

In light of New Wave Aerospace (NWA) going into voluntary liquidation last Friday can the Chief Executive outline whether NWA has any other outstanding debts with Council? - Cr. Olsson.
Council is not owed any money by NWA. Nor is Council owed money by Marina St Vincent Trust (who were owned by NWA).

Motions on Notice

Resilient Hills & Coasts (RH&C) Partnership Agreement – Cr. Glen Rowlands

Council will advise the RH&C of Council’s in-principle recommitment to the partnership through to 2025. Council recognises climate change impact and continues implementing good practice and initiatives building resilience. Council also noted that the Southern & Hills Local Government Association (S&HLGA) has agreed to defer the appointment of the Resilient Hills & Coast Project Officer in 2020/21 and that S&HLGA Executive Officer continues to implement the RH&C Climate Change Adaptation Plan. Lastly Council noted our climate adaption achievements to date including:

  • Creation of “Whatsup?” initiative, Reducing Single Use Plastics.
  • Council Buildings solar project – Solar panels now placed on all Council occupied buildings (x5), including the Caravan Park office.
  • Partnered with our neighbouring council allowing affordable residential solar systems.
  • Releasing the waste/potable water and sewerage to SA Water who are able to invest heavier into a commodity that Council owned. Their aim is to have a - Zero Cost Energy Future across their (used to be ours) infrastructure.
  • Tree planting – Both Council’s Coastal Conservation Officer and Council’s own parks and gardens team have planted extensive amounts of trees across the district. Our main streets of Yankalilla and Normanville in particular.
  • Cape Jervis project saw 80 hectares of land being revegetated through the 20 million tree project, this along with Wirrina who have also had over 30 hectares planted out with mainly trees and fire-resistant bush land.
  • Creating and building a community nursery that is growing all of our plants for not only the coastal regions but also the inland projects. Our Coastal Conservation Officer, Corey Jackson, is currently growing 20,000 assorted seedlings per year and was a finalist in the Local Government Professionals Leadership Awards in the Category: Excellence in Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Project Name: District Council of Yankalilla Community Nursery Project.
  • We are beginning to reap the rewards of a 360° waste to product solution, using the old service station as a model using Peats soils, which emerged, in part, from the green waste that we collected from our green township bins.
  • Implemented the green waste bin and fortnightly waste collection reducing waste to landfill.
  • Providing all of our residents with “free of charge” food waste caddies to remove food waste from landfill.
  • One of the first Councils to provide compostable dog poo bags.
  • Providing recycling drop off boxes for mobile phones, batteries and coffee pods at Council’s Main building.
  • Using waste plastics for our new bituminised road surface’s creating longer lasting infrastructure whilst diverting hard plastic waste from landfill.
  • Installation and use of a smart bin technology platform that has inbuilt intelligence for waste information meaning fewer bin lifts.
  • Installed 4 car charging stations for future Electric car movements (x2 Tesla and x2 ‘other’).
  • Replaced all of Council’s own street/external lighting for LED technology, cutting electricity costs dramatically.
  • Replaced all of our electric light poles on Second Valley and Normanville jetties for solar lights thereby eliminating electricity and maintenance costs plus safeguarding the public from any potential electricity accidents.
  • Installed two small potable water environments at Second Valley Foreshore and the Rapid Bay cricket ground. This means we cut our reliance on shipping in potable water, thereby cutting down on vehicle movements and C02 emissions.
  • Installation of Drinking fountains in two locations, Normanville and Yankalilla.

Fleurieu Coast Council Prospects – Cr. Glen Rowlands

It was resolved that the Chief Executive provide a briefing to an Elected Member Forum on the current and future potential collaboration between the three Councils of District Council of Yankalilla, Alexandrina Council and City of Victor Harbor & the prospects of forming a Fleurieu Council.

Accommodation and Commercial Zoning in Myponga – Cr. O’Neil

A report is to be presented to the September 2020 meeting of Council on the current zoning and approval process in the Myponga and Reservoir area that allows accommodation and commercial structures to be built.


Rebuild options for the Normanville Surf Life Saving Club and Kiosk

Due to community interest in this matter we have not summarised the Council resolution and left it in full below:

That the Report be received.

That Council investigate rebuilding the Normanville Surf Life Saving Club rebuild as a combined rebuild of the Normanville Surf Life Saving Club and Normanville Kiosk in the existing location

That Council investigate utilising the current budget allocation for the Surf Club rebuild and a proportion of unallocated stimulus funds in the adopted 2020/21 Annual Business Plan and Budget towards the combined build.

That to allow Council to create a “shovel ready” project and to best place Council to obtain additional external funding for the overall Normanville Foreshore and Caravan Park Masterplan (including the combined build) that:

  1. That a working group, to be led by the Deputy Mayor, be created and works closely with Council, the Normanville Surf Life Saving Club, Surf Life Saving SA and the Kiosk Leaseholder along with State Government agencies to prepare the building plans.
  2. Council allocate the $10,000 from the existing 2020/21 Budget for the development of the plans for the Normanville Kiosk component of the combined building.
  3. Administration negotiate with the current leaseholder of the Normanville Kiosk additional lease payments and fit out contribution of the new build.
  4. Administration negotiate with the Normanville Surf Life Saving Club a commitment to annual contributions under a new build.
  5. The Mayor and Chief Executive invite the new Minister for Emergency Services, Vincent Tarzia MP to meet and discuss the project and contribution requirements.

That a further report be provided to Council by November 2020 for consideration to include:

  1. draft plans and costings of a new combined Surf Club and Kiosk building
  2. results of any additional external funding and/or income generated from negotiations with Normanville Surf Life Saving Club and Normanville Kiosk
  3. relocation costs for the Normanville Kiosk during the rebuilding process (if required)
  4. an update on the Normanville Foreshore and Caravan Park Masterplan process

That a tour of the local surf clubs combined with kiosks/ restaurants along with our existing facilities be organised as soon as practicable.

That a part of the tour will assist in determining a maximum square meterage of the combined building and kiosk component that will be provided to the working party to assist in formulating the plans.

Update on 81-83 Andrew Avenue Project - Rehabilitation and Budget

An update on the project was provided and Council noted the TMK 81-83 Andrews Ave - Validation, Classification and Soil Sampling Report.

Organisation Restructure, Staff Count, Costs, Information and Statistics

The proposed organisational restructure was presented and the Chief Executive will report FTE counts, costs, vacancies and optimal FTE count in the monthly Chief Executive Report.

Community Funding - Grants Selection Panel and Funding Allocation

The Community Grants Selection Panel members were appointed as Mayor Glen Rowlands, Deputy Mayor Simon Rothwell, Councillor David Olsson & Staff Member, Lisa Pearson. The $100,000 allocated budget for 2020/21 Community Grants be distributed as follows; Community Grants Program (allocation by application) $25,000, Yankalilla Memorial Park $25,000, Myponga Memorial Community Centre $25,000, Festival Fleurieu – Financial Contribution $15,000, New Year’s Eve celebrations pending investigations on COVID-19 compliant options $5,000, Assistance to District Council of Yankalilla sporting clubs to achieve STARCLUB recognition $5,000.

Update on COVID-19 Rates Relief and Business Assistance

Council will utilise the COVID-19 Rates Relief budget for;

  • Partnering with a specialist organisation to offer business support programs utilising up to $20,000.
  • Local business Discretionary Rebate for businesses who experienced a 40% downturn in turnover, for any consecutive 3 months, during the pandemic. Applications or business initiatives will be considered by Council on a case-by-case basis.
  • Council will continue to expedite the payment of invoices, supporting business cashflow.
  • Council will consider applications on a case-by-case basis for granting a three month waive in lease payments for our lessees who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Council welcome project ideas from local businesses to assist with dealing with COVID-19 restrictions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Any unspent COVID-19 Rate Relief budget will be retained and the balance of which will be reported in the Chief Executive’s report.

Development of Concept plans for Main South Road, Lord Road, Rapid Bay Road Intersections

Development of concept plans will be presented to Council for consideration as part of the 2021/22 Annual Business Plan adoption process.

Establishment of District Council of Yankalilla Building Fire Safety Committee

Council adopted the Terms of Reference and appointed the committee members for the Building Fire Safety Committee.

Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority Strategic Plan

Council approved the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority Strategic Plan 2020-30.

Operating and Capital Project Expenses carried Forward from 2019/20 to 2020/21

The following project amounts are carried forward from 2019/20 to 2020/21; Operating Projects - $71,717, New/Upgrade Capital Projects - $21,479 & Replacement/Renewal Capital Projects - $5,875. The changes will be included at the first budget review.

Annual Report on Section 270 Internal Review Applications

Council noted in 2019/20 there was one Section 270 internal review with a cost of $ 11,057.70 to Council.

Approval of Yankalilla, Normanville and Carrickalinga Stormwater Management Plan

Council noted the approval by the Stormwater Management Authority of the Yankalilla, Normanville and Carrickalinga Stormwater Management Plan (as adopted by Council in 2013).

Annual Review of New Delegations 2020

The Council received & approved the Annual Review of Delegations.

Regional Subsidiaries and other Organisations/Entities

The Fleurieu Region Community Services Advisory Committee Minutes were received.

The meeting closed at 6:45pm

Read the detailed Agenda or full Council Minutes here.