District Planning

Heritage Review


Council is undertaking Local Heritage work within the district. The impetus for this work came from Council’s desire to recognise district heritage assets during the preparation of the Council’s ‘District 30 Year Plan – Shaping our future together’ where key values that were highly valued by the community included ‘Preserving indigenous and European heritage’. So far, a number of initiatives to raise community awareness about local heritage have been undertaken.

A comprehensive review has also been undertaken of the 1985 Heritage Survey of the district that originally identified 185 buildings and structures of significance, 22 of which have been included on the Register of State Heritage. The review identified 37 buildings, structures and ruins that could not be found or have been demolished since 1985 and 2 buildings that should have been listed but weren’t on the list. Each remaining site has been inspected, photographed and accurately located.

An updated Survey list has been prepared as well as a booklet summarising the findings of this work, documents below:

Heritage Review(345 kb)

Yankalilla District Heritage Booklet(80666 kb) 

Since the 1985 Heritage Survey, buildings and locations have been State listed which did not form part of the 1985 Heritage Survey.

State Heritage Items in the Yankalilla district and across the State can be found in the link below: