Development Related Links

You may find the following resources useful in developing your project.

Development Act 1993 & Regulations 2008

These two documents provide the legislative framework for the planning and development system in South Australia.

Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure

Country Fire Service

Country Fire Service of South Australia website provides information on building a dwelling in a bushfire prone area.

Ministers Code- Undertaking Development in Bushfire Protection Areas

Provides information and requirements for building in bushfire protections areas.

Energy Efficient Housing

The websites provide information on building a new house or renovating an existing house and covers aspects of house design such as orientation, materials, ventilation appliances and much more.

Backyards for Wildlife

A website by the Urban Forest Biodiversity Program DEH sponsored by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board and the Australian Government is aimed at bringing nature to people's backyards. The website includes ideas on creating a backyard for wildlife, types of native trees and much more.

Coastal Gardens Booklet

A guide for planting along the coast.

Native Vegetation Council

EPA (Environment Protection Authority)

Land Services Group

Legal Services Commission