Open Homes, Farms, Gardens

Saturday 8 September 2018

An 'Open' program with something for everyone! We have nine properties generously opening their doors, read on below for a small taste of what you can discover.

You'll need to register to visit these fabulous homes, farms and gardens, so please click on the 'Attend' link below. Once you have registered, you will receive an up-to-date Guide with full details of the properties including open hours and special tour times, to help you plan your visits (currently version 2).

Enjoy an on-farm experience and connect with our agricultural community. There's an organic farm adjacent to the stunning Deep Creek Conservation Park and the character-filled Seavewe Dairy offers a ewe-nique experience during evening milking.

Visit exemplar homes and gardens, designed, built or renovated with sustainability in mind. From contemporary homes to small living in a tiny house. Most are completed projects, many are continuously evolving and some have just started their journey such as the planned 'Earthship'. Chat to the homeowners and learn from their experiences.

Lush Pastures accommodationLUSH PASTURES

Max Pritchard designed eco-retreat set on 33 acres. Enclosed orchard and chook yard and an upcycled vegetable garden and greenhouse.

Features: Solar PV grid connect; shading; cross ventilation; winter sun-north facing, passive solar orientation; ceiling fans; efficient lighting; draught proofing; efficient appliances; smart home. 

100,000L above ground storage connected to whole house and garden; orchard/herb garden; drip irrigation; water wise plants, edible gardens; composting; native plants; poultry; wildlife habitat; butterfly and bee friendly, productive.

Renovated shearing shedFORKTREE BREWHOUSE

Renovated shearing shed being repurposed as a micro-brewery. Many materials from the farm are being recycled, with the materials telling the story of the original shearing shed and farm.

Features: Ceiling fans; efficient lighting; 35,000L above ground storage connected to building; biocycle wastewater management system; native plants.

tiny house on hillTINY HOUSE

A custom-crafted cabin with a very small footprint. This is a great opportunity to explore an attractive and efficiently designed living space.

Features: Low carbon footprint; instant gas hot water; wood combustion fire; efficient lighting.

Organic regenerative farmingWINDRUSH FARM

A hosted tour showcasing regenerative farming practices on this sheep, cattle and pig property. Using organic principles, paddock management is key to adding biodiversity to the land and the business. Enjoy a shearing demonstration. 


Organic farmingA hosted tour sharing this holistic productive farm and site of the future 'Earthship Fleurieu'. Learn about the energy-efficient 'biotecture' that will be used in most onsite structures and see an example in the retaining walls on the property.

Features: Solar PV off-grid; wind turbine; evacuated tube/hot water; wood fire wetback/booster; 75,000L above ground storage; greywater system; water wise plants; edible garden; permaculture; composting; organic; poultry; bee keeping; aquaponics; wildlife habitat; butterfly & bee friendly; laundry to landscape greywater.

Artisan Sheep Dairy & CheeserySEAVEWE ARTISAN SHEEP DAIRY

Come along to the open house and meet 'the Girls', visit the pastures they feed on and see where the milk is made. Watch - and even join in - evening milking and have a Ewe-nique experience.

natural milk made locallyFLEURIEU MILK COMPANY

Minimising the production process ensures Fleurieu Milk is as natural as possible. This is an unhosted, self-guided visit to the new dairy. A purpose-built viewing platform gives a great view of the milking shed and milking in progress.


bridging outdoors and indoorsThis retrofit has converted a steel agricultural shed into a solar passive home. Much of this home operates in complete cycles and actively collaborates with nature.

Features: Solar PV grid connect; solar hot water; shading; cross ventilation; winter sun-north facing, passive solar orientation; ceiling fans; wood heater; draught proofing; insulation; greywater system; composting toilet; smart home.

88,000L above ground storage connected to whole house; Council Approved 2 x reed beds and settling tank; automated pump out; drip irrigation; orchard/herb garden; edible gardens; composting; native plants; butterfly and bee friendly, productive.

Productive garden based on permaculture principlesSTEER FAMILY HOME

A new build of stone and traditional lime mortar uses local materials and minimises energy use. The mostly edible garden, based on permaculture principles, is continuously evolving.

Features: Solar PV grid connect; hot water heat pump; no air-conditioning; thermal mass; north-facing, passive solar orientation; shading; cross ventilation; double glazing with thermal break and window placement to maximise comfort; bulk insulation (polyester batts); air cell; ceiling fans; wood combustion fire; efficient lighting; draught proofing; efficient appliances.

220,000L above ground storage connected to whole house and garden; drip irrigation; water wise plants, edible garden; permaculture; organic (mostly); native plants; poultry; butterfly and bee friendly, productive.


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National Sustainable House Day 

Keen to visit more sustainable homes? You can indulge your curiosity two weekends in a row. Check out Sustainable House Day, a national event held the following weekend on Sunday 16 September. Locally, there's Riverside House at Second Valley and Ransom House in Normanville, plus 14 other properties in SA.

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