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Strategic Directions Report

Strategic Directions Report (2015-2020)

All of the above mentioned strategic work has been summarised and priorities established within a review process pursuant to Section 30 of the Development Act 1993. A draft Strategic Directions Issues Paper was prepared and during the end of 2013, the community was consulted about the issues and priorities for updating the Yankalilla Development Plan.

Council considered the input from the community and relevant government agencies and made amendments to the Development Plan Amendment (DPA) priorities that had been proposed for the consultation process. The final Strategic Directions Report, which outlines our planning reform priorities was adopted by Council in December 2014 and this has been forwarded to the Minister for Planning to seek agreement on those priorities.

The final Strategic Directions Report has identified the following adopted priorities for updating the Yankalilla Development Plan:

Immediate Priorities

  1. Better Development Plan DPA Altering the Plan into the (State-wide) format, and introducing current planning policy from the State’s Planning Policy Library together with a number of local policy updates
  2. Brown Road (Residential) DPA (just under 2 hectares of land has been re-zoned to provide a small addition to the Residential Zone at Carrickalinga. This DPA was authorised in November 2015)
  3. Short Term Township/Fringe DPA(s) (the development of a vision for the future of each of these townships within the district to manage anticipated population growth in a manner that delivers environmental improvements and      community benefit)
    1. Normanville, Yankalilla, Carrickalinga Fringe/Residential Areas
    2. MypongaBeachTownship
    3. SecondValleyTownship
    4. InmanValleyTownship
    5. MypongaTownship
    6. CapeJervisTownship
  4. Local Heritage - inform & promote the value of local heritage to the community. (Work is ongoing in working with organisations such as the local Historical Society to engage with the community in understanding and embracing the value of local heritage within the district)
  5. Rural Living Zone Investigations Brings forward the commencement of investigations into Rural Living (in and adjacent to Normanville and Yankalilla) in accordance with Council’s resolution to undertake this work.)

Priorities from 2016 onwards

  1. Rural Areas DPA - will provide important direction for the future of our rural areas and the small townships and settlements within those areas
  2. Update 1985 Heritage Survey - (the assessment of buildings and places identified within the 1985 Survey, with a view to determining Buildings of local significance)
  3. Urban Growth DPA – Yankalilla, Normanville & Carrickalinga – the process of re-zoning land identified within the Structure Plan (in a staged manner) for township growth in designated locations for the three main  townships.
  4. Local Heritage DPA – to give legislative recognition to Local Heritage Places within the district.

A copy of the Strategic Directions Report can be accessed in related links.

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