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Centrelink Access Point

The District Council of Yankalilla has partnered with Centrelink to provide equipment enabling access to Centrelink within the Centre.  The Centre is located at 181 Main South Road, Yankalilla in the building behind the skate park.

What is a Centrelink Access Point?

Access Points provide services to people living in rural, regional and remote communities.  

At the Centre, you have access to a computer, phone and fax facilities from a private office at the Centre.

It is important to note that the staff at the Centre ARE NOT employees of Centrelink and cannot:

  • make any payments or decisions about payments
  • review, assess or vary payments
  • issue Electronic Benefit Transfers and cards

When can I use the Centrelink Access Point?

  • Monday and Wednesday 8:30am-5pm
  • Friday 1pm - 5pm (8.30am - 5pm from 7 July)
  • Saturday 10am-1pm

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary however, if you wish to have the room booked for a particular time, call the Centre on 8558 0262. Please note, if you are 10 minutes late, the room reservation will lapse and the room will be made available for others to use.

What can you do at a Centrelink Access Point?

  • Get brochures 
  • Call Centrelink using the telephone provided 
  • Use Centrelink's phone claiming service 
  • Access reply paid envelopes 
  • Use fax and photocopy facilities
  • Have confirmation of identity documents copied and verified (see Centrelinks Confirm your identify webpage)

Services NOT available at a Centrelink Access Point

The staff at the Centre are NOT employed by Centre and are not able to:

  • give you assistance on how to set up and access digital services
  • give assistance, guidance or make enquiries for a referral for you.

The Library is also located at the Centre provides has free internet enabled computers for public use.  You can also print documents (charges do apply) in the library.  If you would like to use such services, ensure you come to the Centre during library opening hours (See our Library Contact and Opening Hours webpage for further details).  

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