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Southern Fleurieu Coastal Action Plan

Southern Fleurieu Coastal Action Plan & Conservation Priority Study 2007

Southern Fleurieu Coastal Action Plan CoversThe Southern Fleurieu Coastal Action Plan and Conservation Priority Study Plan (Caton et al 2007) is prepared for the Department of Environment and Heritage, Adelaide & Mt. Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board, Alexandrina Council, City of Victor Harbor, District Council of Yankalilla, and Goolwa to Wellington LAP.

Authors: Brian Caton, Doug Fotheringham, Claire Lock, Matthew Royal, Ron Sandercock, Ron Taylor.

The goal of the study was to understand and facilitate the conservation, protection and maintenance of the regions' natural coastal resources and to establish conservation priorities and threatening processes for places and areas within the region.

The study used digital maps to collate and analyse and present information retrieved from government and non-government, community groups and local experts. Attached with the report are digital maps, which can be interrogated to provide information on a variety of conservation and threat themes.

The assessment defined coastal boundary based on natural coastal features such as dunes and salt marshes, at cliff tops a distance of 500m from the coastline was used.

The analysis and management issues of the coast is divided into "cells", or small sub regional landform units, on average 6kms; 27 cells have been defined. Conservation and threat values and a summary of conservation priorities and a summary of threatening processes, are summed up showing areas of high conservation values and high threat level. A series of management recommendations for the whole region have been identified.

If you would like a copy of the printed Southern Fleurieu Coastal Action Plan and Conservation Priority Study : they are available from the District Council of Yankalilla for $190.00 each. A CD-ROM can be posted to you on request, at no charge or you can view sections of the Plan here.

Introduction: SFCAP Introduction Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Introduction (4411 kb)

Themes & Databases: SFCAP Themes & Databases Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Themes%20and%20Databases (3026 kb)

Conservation Themes: SFCAP Conservation Themes Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Conservation%20Themes (12619 kb)

Threatening Processes: SFCAP Threatening Processes Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Threatening%20Processes (30851 kb)

Field & Priorities Study
Alexandrina Council: SFCAP Alexandrina Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Alexandrina (14943 kb)
City of Victor Harbor: SFCAP Victor Harbor Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Victor%20Harbor (8791 kb)
District Council of Yankalilla: SFCAP Yankalilla Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Yankalilla (11174 kb)

Appendices: SFCAP Appendices Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Appendices (15540 kb)

Maps: SFCAP Maps Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Maps (4370 kb)

Bibliography: SFCAP Bibliography Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Bibliography (40 kb)

Back Cover: SFCAP Back Cover Southern%20Fleurieu%20Coastal%20Action%20Plan%20Back%20Cover (2419 kb)

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