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Forms & Fees

The following application forms can be collected from the Council Office or downloaded here.


Development Application Form(99 kb) (includes requirements for lodgement and fee schedule)

Electricity Act Declaration Form Electricity%20Act%20Declaration%20Form (156 kb)

Development Fees Development%20Fees%202012 (92 kb) (includes Planning, Building & Waste)

Roof Truss - Supervisor Checklist(283 kb)  &  Guide to Safer Roof Framing(888 kb)

How do I access my house/building plans and engineering reports? Request to Copy Development Applications

Waste Systems

Onsite Wastewater Application Form(211 kb)

Access to Council Documents and Information

How do I access my house/building plans and engineering reports? 

  • Contact Council's Development Admin officers.  The Development officers can help you determine what might be available for your property before you make formal application.
  • Complete the 'Request to Copy Development Applications' form and pay the required fee - see below.
  • As most records are kept in off site storage, retrieval may take up to 10 working days.  A Development officer will contact you when they are available for viewing.
  • Once retrieved, plans and reports will be made available for viewing at the District Council of Yankalilla Office, 1 Charles Street, Yankalilla by appointment during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm).

Who can I talk to about accessing Council documents and information?

  • You can contact Council's Customer service and request to speak to the Records Coordinator.

What is the procedure for accessing Council documents under the Freedom of Information Act?

  • You can contact Council's Freedom of Information Officer by contacting Council's Customer Service.
  • Freedom of Information request for access forms.
  • The State Records website has detailed information on the FOI Process click here

Request to Copy Development Applications DEVELOPMENT%20Request%20to%20Copy%20Development%20Applications (81 kb) 



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