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The preservation and economic management of the environment of the Fleurieu Peninsula has become increasingly important for Council, local groups, business, concerned residents and ratepayers. Preservation of the environment is managed under the Environment Protection Act. The objects of the Environment Protection Act are:

  • To promote the principles of ecologically sustainable development.
  • To ensure that all reasonable and practicable steps are taken to protect, restore, and enhance the quality of the environment having regard for the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

Conservation Parks, water quality, access and egress, landcare and marine environments are just a few of the issues impacting on the district.

Declared Animal and Plant Control on Road Reserves

Council Permit - Public Notice - Declared Animal and Plant Control on Road Reserves(70 kb)

Current Community Projects

Plastic Shopping Bag Free Campaign

The District Council of Yankalilla was the first Council in South Australia to work towards a plastic shopping bag free environment. The council district is surrounded by the waters of Gulf St Vincent and the Southern Ocean. Plastic bags have a devastating impact on marine life. They are often mistaken for jellyfish as they float in the water and cause animals to die a slow and painful death when swallowed. The campaign has been embraced by residents and visitors alike. Residents have been provided with a free calico bag and local retailers have been encouraged to change their practices and consider alternative bags for the checkout. A community education campaign has encouraged local residents to rethink their usage of plastic bags and consider alternatives such as cardboard boxes, calico bags, green bags, personal shopping trolleys, baskets and paper bags. The campaign is a long term strategy.

Bungala River Restoration

A number of community groups are working together to rehabilitate sections of the Bungala River. The Bungala runs through the towns of Yankalilla and Normanville. Rehabilitation efforts include control and removal of invasive weeds and revegetation with native plants. Community education programs are also being conducted to raise awareness of the river.

Bungala Estuary Action Plan - Click Here

Restoring the Habitat of the Glossy Black Cockatoo

The Glossy Black Cockatoo (SA Sub species) is Australia's rarest Cockatoo. It remains critically endangered and now can only be found on Kangaroo Island where only 280-300 birds remain. They use to fly regularly between Kangaroo Island and the mainland at Cape Jervis but due to habitat destruction through land clearing their food trees and nesting habitats disappeared. They disappeared from the mainland in 1970's.

In 1997 Greening Australia commenced a habitat restoration project. Since that time over fifty thousand trees and shrubs have been planted at priority sites on the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula. The Sheoaks are now forest like and are just beginning to bear the cones that the Glossies rely on for food. Eucalypts have also been planted to provide nesting sites. In order to recreate a sustainable native vegetation community the revegetation program has included as many local indigenous species as possible including native grasses, groundcovers, understorey and canopy plants with seed collected from nearby remnants.

Many schools, community groups, service clubs and social clubs contribute to this massive effort. For further information or to get involved please contact Greening Australia on (08) 8372 0120 or email: general@greeningsa.org.au

Environmental Information

The Natural Resource Centre provides information and can arrange referrals to technical expertise on a wide range of topics including:

Sustainable Living  Climate Change   Backyards for Wildlife
 Plant Identification  Water Salinity Testing  Soil Testing Kits
 Weeds  Rabbits and Foxes  Waste Management
 Watercourses & Dams  Native Vegetation  Coastcare
 Soils & Pastures  Farm Forestry  Revegetation








Useful Environmental Contacts
 Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges
 Natural Resource Management Board
 Willunga Office  8558 3400 
 Environment Protection Authority    1800 623 445
 National Parks & Wildlife Service  Fleurieu Office  8552 6377
 Coastal Protection Board, Dept. Environment & Planning  Rob Tucker  8124 4878
 Fleurieu Bird Watchers  Val Laird  8555 5995
 NPWS Deep Creek Conservation Park    8598 0263
 Friends of Deep Creek Conservation Park  Chris Royans  8598 0244
 Heysen Trail Friends  Fleurieu Office  8212 6299
 Native Animal Rescue  Sharyn Braithwaite

 8558 0804
0437 856 175

 Cape Jervis Recreation Park Committee  Alan Robinson  85980 0270
 Second Valley to Cape Jervis
 Land Management Group
 Peter Filsell  85980223
 Yankalilla Bay Dune Care Group  Sheryn Pitman   8537 2361
 Yankalilla Bay Enviro Group  Bruce Trigg  8558 8180
 SA Sea Rescue Squadron - Wirrina Flotilla  PO Box 2017
 Normanville SA 5204




















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